2015   Rendezvous with Victory  (TV Series short) ( Episode 2 post-production) Director: Errol Sack

Capt Faber

2015   Rendezvous with Victory (TV Series short)  Episode 1 Director: Errol Sack

Capt Faber

2015 Girl Unburdened (short) Director: Crystal Hubbard, Oscar Velasquez


2015 Muerto Amor (feature, horror) Dir. James Carrillo, Mario Orozco


2015  Survive (post-production) Director: Timothy Ray Brandon

Kyle Inman

2015  That Delicious Pie (short) Director: Derek Easley

Jimbo Jr

2015  Scarlet (short) Director: Mauricio Perez

John 2

2014  The One (short) Director: Robert E. Ball Jr.

Human with Muscles

2014  Abby In America (Mini-sereies)

Ryan ep. 1

2014 The Bible Rules (TV series) History


2014  Sinbad:The Fifth Voyage Director:Shahin Seran Solimon


2014  In that Crappy Motel (short) Director: Mark Mos


2014  The Gun, the Cake and the Butterfly (Documentary) Director: Amanda Eliasch

Male Friend

2013 Girl Club (short) Director:Olivia Martynchenko


2012  October 31 (short) Director: Geo Santini

Vamp Guy

2012  The Elisted (TV movie) Director: Angel Lebon


2011  Cyborg Clone Rambocop 12: This Time It’s Personal The Redux Reloaded to the Limit (short) Director: Angel Lebon


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